Class Requests for that would be interesting

I think we should have a place to put in some requests for certain classes and see if there is a member with the skills to pull off a class.

I’ll start by saying a beginners welding class would be really cool.

We have been on one of our members to help us with welding class… I may have to start using excessive force in order to move the needle. I like the idea…

Another way we might consider “classes” would be to introduce a topic for Open Shop night and make a community wide post. So for instance… we could choose “installing tile on a backsplash” or “how to plan a tile shower install”. I would even be open to “theater lessons”… like how to make props, etc… we could even do a night that would review tools/tooling… Anyone care to expand on this thought?

Props is a great idea.

I had a couple class suggestions last week.

  • Photography (how to get better pictures from your cell phone)
  • Basic graphic design
  • How to sell/market your art/projects
  • Blacksmithing
  • Sewing
  • Lathe (maybe with a focus on bowls)