Craft Sale General Information

This is a public post for information about our upcoming craft sale. You can get most of this information from our website. However, you can interact with us a little better here in the forum if you have questions and generally want to chat about the sale before it comes up.

March 12 and 13

The sale is scheduled for both Friday and Saturday. We will start at 8 each morning and go until 2 in the afternoon. Members can work on staging your items at the shop several days before the sale. Non-members are welcome to bring your items to the shop on Thursday evening from 7-9p. We will have members there helping to get the space organized for the sale.

Cost $30 Per Table

We ask that you bring your own table to set up for the two days. The cost is the same whether you come for just one day, or both days. We would like you to be there both days if possible. We understand that some people may not be able to get off work for that Friday morning. But we also know that, based on similar events, the greatest amount of traffic to the sale is likely to be Friday morning.

You can pay for your spot at the sale by way of the PayPal link at the bottom of our blog post about the event. Make sure you select how many tables spaces you are paying for, otherwise you will get an error when clicking on the PayPal button.


If you have any general questions that you would like to ask that other people could benefit from the answers, feel free to ask them here. If you have questions that are more case specific, you can contact @Angriff through the forum or through email.

I would like a booth space please. I have my own tables and canopy. I have an extra canopy that I’m bringing to the shop Thursday night, for shop use.
See you them!

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The craft sale was great! We raised some money for the shop and had a good time yakking with each other for a couple of days. We’ve already been contacted by a couple of people who would like to get in on our next craft event.

I didn’t take many pictures, but if you have any you wouldn’t mind sharing publicly, you are welcome to post them here.

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