Framing a Couple of Projects

I used the picture frame sled at the shop to create a couple of frames for some paper projects I did recently. The sled was made for our picture frame class that we did this summer.

For the first one, I made a tall frame out of walnut from our scrap pile. This went around some pop-out butterfly art. The butterfly art was made on our vinyl cutter. I put the cardstock on a Cricut mat and cut it. This was an original piece of art that I made.

Then I glued the cardstock to a piece of yellow construction paper and put that into my new frame.

This is a compass rose art that I bought off of Etsy and cut with the laser at the shop. It is 8"x8". I put glass in this one. The glass came from a local thrift store. (I was able to buy a huge frame with glass, but no art, for much less that a small piece of framed art behind glass.)

The frame is more traditional with a decorative chamfer that I cut using the table saw on the inside and outside edges. The wood may be maple that was originally a door threshold that ended up in the scrap pile. I painted it with spray paint which leaves a smooth surface, but doesn’t cover as cleanly as I would like.