Knox Makers Tuesday Night Show and Share

Our friends at Knox Makers have a weekly meeting they call Show and Share. Currently it is an online-only event which makes it easy for us to be involved. It is a weekly time to show off projects people are working on. These can be current or past projects.

Projects are accompanied by photos and live video demonstrations. The presenters will often talk about the problems they had during the build and what they did to solve them. You can watch a few recorded presentations on their website.


The get together is every Tuesday starting at 7p and going until all the presenters are done. Usually it lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. There are exceptions of it going longer, but not the norm.

People start wandering into the meeting 20 or 30 minutes before 7:00. You can turn on your camera and microphone and chat with other makers from the area during this time. Also, after the show is over, there are usually 5-10 who stick around and talk informally until we all make excuses of having something important to do. (We secretly know that there is a video game or TV show tugging at each person that seems more interesting than sticking around and talking all night.)

Be A Presenter

Anyone is welcome to show off a project during Show and Share. You do not have to be a Knox Makers member. I have shown off several projects both online and in-person (back in the days that was possible).

You should watch a couple of their recorded events to get a feel for how they run. Though they haven’t set a hard time limit on presentations, if you plan anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes you will be about the same length as most other presenters.

Promotion for Morristown Makers

When I show off something I try to make sure I tell the group that I’m from Morristown Makers. The one time I forgot, they reminded me to take a moment and talk about our shop. It is a good chance to promote what we have going on in Morristown.

I try to be part of the group each week even if I’m not presenting anything. If I miss it, I catch up through their recordings.

How to Log In

After following the link to Show and Share, you can put in the name you would like to use and then hit start. Once you are in, a box pops up and asks if you want to use your mic to talk or just listen. If you want your mic on, there is a mic test to make sure all is working well. Then you are in with the group and can turn on your camera at appropriate times.

Watch a show or two and they will tell you at the end how you can show off your project.

Hope to see you there some day.

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I went to sign up to watch the backlog of video presentations. BUT it says I need to be invited by an administrator before I can sign up. And I haven’t been officially invited I guess. Suggestions?

On that page you should be able to see a list of recorded shows and their dates. Clicking on the black Presentation button should get you going.

You shouldn’t have to sign in just to see the recordings. I’m guessing you are clicking on the Sign up button at the top right of the screen. I think that is for logging into the administrator panel for the system. You don’t need to do that.

When a Tuesday show is actually happening, you can put your name into the box next to where it says Join.

Let me know if you still have trouble looking at the recordings and I will talk with the KnoxMakers admin and see what might be going on.