Maker's Camping Trip

A couple of other Tennessee makerspaces are planning a camping trip for Aug/Sept time frame. We need your input as to whether we are interested in joining them and what dates would work best for most people.

Here is an email I got from Knox Makers about the trip:

Tracy is putting together a camping trip to Rattler Ford Campground
Rattler Ford Group Campground, National Forests in North Carolina -

This is a tent only camping site (no RV’s or electricity) but it has facilities.
They have some group sites Tracy will reserve.

We’ll be inviting our members to join. We’d love to get some other spaces involved. Any of you and/or your fellow members want to join as well?

The dates we’re looking at are:
Aug 19-21
Aug 26-28
Sep 9-11

Let us know if you want to go and which of those 3 would work for you. Whichever date has the majority of us we’ll pick and go. We’ll give everyone till Friday to respond then pick and reserve.

Because they are wanting to make the decision Friday (May 20), I told them I would give our people a deadline of Thursday night (the 19th) and get back with them on any votes about date selection.

Sept 9. I have staff out of the office the other two weeks and it would be hard to leave early.

Thank you. That is the only weekend that works for me. I’m going to let them know today.