Miniature Clock Rebuild

Last week my wife and I were driving through Cookville, TN where the World’s Longest Yard Sale goes through. We managed to get out of there with only spending $12 for a miniature clock.

The clock is about 4.5" tall. It wasn’t working, but it looked like all the parts were there except a key and a pendulum. It is just a novelty clock, but something fun to play with.

I did a surface cleaning on it and oiled the pivots. Snapped the twisted parts back into place. Wound it up and it actually seemed to be working!

I then ventured into tearing it apart to do a full cleaning on it. This was my first time to open a clock with the intention of being able to make it work again. (As my parents can attest, I tore many clocks apart through the years, but never planned to make them work again).

After cleaning and reassembly, I was pleased to have it working again.

I painted it and built a crude pendulum. Currently I’m dialing in the pendulum length, but I have it accurate to within a few minutes every hour. That’s probably close enough for a clock I will probably only wind when I want to show it off.