Pin Display Banner (Sewing Project)

After years of trying to procure an unused, heavy duty cotton tablecloth from my office, I finally convinced them they would never use it again. I have had one particular project in mind for the fabric: an enamel pin display banner.

Our daughter has quite a collection of enamel pins that she carries on her backpack for school. She has too many to really carry all the time. She had asked for a pin display banner for them. The office tablecloth was a perfect material for the project.

Here’s a portion of her pins that aren’t part of her everyday carry set:

Looking online I found several designs for pin banners. This one from Amazon had the dimensions of 10.5" x 12.5" and I thought that was a good starting point.

I did the initial cutout at 13" wide by 17" tall with the idea of making a 10" x 15" finished project. Since it is wrapped now and under the Christmas tree, I don’t know the exact finished dimensions, but the exact size wasn’t important for my purposes.

Using some of the skills I learned at our recent sewing class, I pulled out my wife’s automatic thread injector (some people call it a sewing machine), and set to work.

My desire was to make a nice mitered corner as seen in this Sailrite article. But, after practicing a couple of minutes to do that stitch, I realized I didn’t desire it that much. :smiley:

I was pleased with the final outcome of the project. I might have done better on some of the hem work (maybe I will get a picture after Christmas if I remember), but it really came out about as well as I had hoped. I love the dark green color and I think our daughter will too.