September 11 Garage Sale

Our second annual garage sale will take place September 11. We have been advertising in a couple of different places, but we need your help getting the word out.

7AM Start

We will start the sale at 7 in the morning. You are welcome to come earlier and get set up. First come, first served on the best places to set up your items.

Our finish time will be up to the sellers. We expect that it will be busy until early afternoon. We have tentatively advertised the sale from 7a to 2p.

BYOT (Bring Your Own Table)

The shop has a few tables and table-making materials. They will be available for use, but you are not guaranteed a table.

Items (What to sell)

You are welcome to bring anything to sell. We would like to make an emphasis on tools simply because of the type of organization we are. We want to use the sale as a way to promote what we do. However, don’t feel limited to tools and crafts. Bring whatever you want to sell.

Do you have any items that you will be selling that we can use for advertising purposes this week? Post a comment and/or a picture of anything you think will help us entice people to come to our sale.

General Info

This is not a time to bring your items and dump them at Morristown Makers to be sold. You are expected to stick around and sell your own things. Please take your unsold items with you when you leave in the afternoon.

This is open to the public. You do not need to be a member to participate. Feel free to help us advertise through the week and maybe reply to this post with an indication of whether you will be participating or not. That will help us make plans for space.

We had a great time last year and look forward to doing this again.

I have a money box I’ll be dropping by the shop this week for use Saturday & ongoing.